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10 Ways to Energize Your Job Search

1) Energize your body- Exercise everyday for 30 minutes a day. This exercise could be walking, biking swimming . Eat well during the day to give yourself enough energy to conduct a strong job search campaign Eating more fruits and vegetables and smaller portions of protein helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and promote a strong energetic image for interviews.

2)Reduce stress daily- Learn how to meditate or how to utilize Qi gong for stress reduction . This is important during the job search process since it is a stressful time.

3) Identify targeted positions and targeted industry – A common mistake is to conduct a general job search instead of being specific about the type of job and industry you are seeking. If you are having trouble identifying these items it is recommended to take a career interest test

4) Research- It is important to identify 200 companies, agencies in order to do a proper job search. In order to do this you must come up with a list of companies. Go to the Science and Business Library (35th & Madison) and utilize their Directories and industry related databases.

5) Conduct a direct marketing campaign to companies that you are targeting. This list of companies should consist of companies that you have identified to be in your targeted industry. Broadcast cover letters and resumes should be sent directly to potential hiring managers.

6) Network-

Make up a list of network contact by category (family, friends, family,ex employees, ex managers, professors, religious leaders, doctors, dentist, neighbors,)Contact them and give them an update about yourself. Let them know what the targeted position you are seeking and the targeted industry. Ask them who do you know who would be helpful in my job search. Contact the industry related contact and ask for an appointment. Conduct an information referral meeting with industry contact.

7) Stay in touch with your network by sending articles of interest to them.

8) Be Organized – Keep track of all your network contacts by utilizing a database that stores all of your contact in any organized fashion.

9) Linked In – Use Linked In to network online and research companies. Linked In is a powerful tool to network online with industry contact .In addition you can generate company listings.

10) Create your support group- Family and friends can be helpful during this time by being supportive of your job search. Maintain contact with friends who are giving you positive support.

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