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Career Coach

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Career coaching



Mark Klein

Career Coach

I provide career coaching to individuals that need assistance with their career path. I utilize comprehensive career assessments which assist individuals to make an intelligent career choice based on their interests, values, personality and skills. I have effectively worked with thousands of individuals to help them find their authentic and unique career choice. I coach individuals how to launch an effective comprehensive job search using proven job search methods. I have successfully worked with thousands of job seekers for the past 25 years to help them find targeted positions in their industry. I coach individuals how to turn interviews into job offers.

I compose resumes from scratch or edit and enhance existing resumes.

I critique LinkedIn profiles. I coach individuals how to effectively network in person and using LinkedIn. I provide ongoing career coaching to assist individuals to achieve their career goals. Contact me for a free 15 minute  consultation at (347) 860-3549.

How I Can

Help You

Interview Coaching - Interview Preparation - $135/hour

I provide in depth interview preparation sessions which assists individuals turn interviews into job offers. I have assisted hundreds of individuals prepare for interviews by conducting mock interviews. During the mock interview I ask commonly asked questions that are asked on interviews. I also prepare individuals to ask good questions to the employers and proper follow up after the interview.

Career Coaching - Discover Your Career Path, Job Search, Researching Careers - $135/hour

I provide career counseling to individuals who are exploring their career path. This could be college students, college graduates or individuals who are seeking a change of their career path. I utilize comprehensive career assessments to help individuals target careers that are a good match based on their unique interests, values and personality types . I have helped thousands of individuals to find satisfying careers. I coach job seekers how to launch an effective job search using effective and proven job search techniques.

Career Assessment/Career Counseling - Career Direction - $300 per 1.5 hour session

Find out your career direction and path by taking 2 comprehensive career assessments. You will then have a 90 minute career coaching session to review the career assessments that you have taken. During this session you will discover which careers that are a good match for you based on your unique interests, personality and values. You will also learn how to conduct strong career research.

Resume and Cover Letter Composition - Resume Review, Cover Letter - $135/hour

Resumes and cover letters are created from scratch emphasizing your accomplishments and targeted skills. An existing resume or cover letter are  reviewed and edited to make it effective marketing tools that gets results. Resumes and cover letters are targeted to specific positions that individuals are applying for.