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Mark Klein
Career Coach  and Career Counselor

Mark Klein is a Career Coach with over 20 years experience assisting individuals to find their authentic and fulfilling careers. Mark’s professional experience includes working as a Career Counselor/Career Coach at Queens College for 12 years assisting over 8,000 students find their authentic career path and launch effective job search campaigns. He has assisted thousands of individuals to make informed and authentic career decisions and to launch effective job search campaigns. His unique ability to assess individuals strengths and career targets have propelled individuals to successful careers. His professional training as a counselor has enabled him to successfully coach individuals to overcome their own personal barriers. Mark is an avid hiker who loves to hike with his wife in National Parks across the United States.


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Career Assessment

  • Take comprehensive career assessments to help you uncover your ideal career based on your unique interests, personality and values.

  • A career coaching session      to review results of  assessments and to          identify your authentic  career interests.

  • A specialized career coaching session to teach you how to conduct online career research and  information interviews.


Professional Presentation

  • Create targeted resumes and cover letters  emphasizing your accomplishments and unique skills. to get interviews.

  • LinkedIn profiles crafted and edited to attract recruiters and industry professionals enhancing your online presence in your desired professional field.

  • Interview Preparation  Prepare with confidence through mock interviews. Learn how to turn interviews into job offers!

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  • Job Search Networking       Discover the art of effective networking by leveraging LinkedIn and tapping into your personal contacts to uncover hidden jobs.

  • Direct Marketing               Learn how to master the technique of implementing    a powerful marketing campaign by reaching out directly to your targeted employers of interest.


Mark Klein has been a remarkable career counselor during the course of my first two years in Queens College by exposing me to career development and job opportunities. His actionable and direct feedback with my essays, interview skills, and resume has been extremely valuable to ensure I submit an impressive application. His one-on-one support and guidance also helped me prepare for job interviews I was offered from connecting with those professionals during the Social Goods Workshop. Overall, Mark’s detailed attention and dedicated work ethic has not only helped me grow professionally but inspires me as well to have a positive and confident outlook on any opportunity I seek. His career planning expertise combined with his optimistic attitude makes Mark undoubtedly an excellent choice of a career counselor.



Mark Klein is a superb career counselor. He not only helped me improve my resume and interview skills but he also gave me helpful advice about how to structure my time during my job search. Mark also gave me helpful advice about how to focus and alleviate stress using exercise and meditation. He is a kind, personal and highly educated career counselor whose attention to detail makes him invaluable to individuals that he helps. He goes above and beyond other professionals would deem acceptable and is a person who gets you through the hard times. What also sets Mark apart is his “never give up attitude”. He inspires others and gives each individual the confidence to reach their goals. Mark is not only a mentor but someone that I can speak to freely about career related issues and get an honest response. Thank you for all of your help!


Mark is an amazing Career Counselor whom I met in 2017 during my first year in Queens College. I had the pleasure of being mentored by Mark when I was applying for the America Needs You Fellowship program. I wanted to write this recommendation for all of the support and mentorship Mark had shown me over the past year. I can honestly say that I would not be even close to where I am today without the encouragement, advice, and support that Mark has given me. Mark helped me develop my interview skills, offered life advice, and gave valuable suggestions on how to develop my social as well as communication skills. He was incredibly generous with his time and energy and with his help, I was able to get into ANY fellowship program. Mark is an inspiration to me and I hope to affect others in my life as he affected me.




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